Keeping on top of your grounds maintenance this winter

Posted on 16th November 2015

No matter where your business is based, it is essential that you prepare your grounds and your premises for a notoriously cold British winter! Here’s how you can protect your employees and their surroundings this winter...

Safety First

Snow removal, ice prevention and gritting

First and foremost, you must gather your winter maintenance bare necessities. That means throw on your thermals and grab a shovel! During the coldest of months, heavy snow can accumulate on pavements and steps, causing them to be slippy. So the first health and safety port of call is to shovel that snow away!

Even when the snow has cleared, freezing weather conditions can cause black ice to form. Black ice is a menace when it comes to causing slips, falls and accidents, and can be potentially dangerous. Protect your employees and customers by gritting pedestrian areas!

At MJF, we can help you keep your car parks, driveways and paths snow and ice free, with a fully comprehensive snow removal and gritting service. We can even provide you with salt bins and a salt refill service, so that you’re always prepared for the most hazardous weather conditions! If snow is forecast, we’re on the job day and night to ensure the safety of you and your employees!

Nurture the Nature

Plants Preservation

A thick layer of snow can often act as a good insulator for plans in the winter. However, frost and ice can cause the ground and soil to freeze, which can ultimately damage plants. So what can you do about it? Well why not invest in some winter mulch. Mulch is specially formulated to protect the plants, roots and soil by providing effective insulation!

Tree Protection

Young trees can be vulnerable to insects looking for warmth during cold spouts. A strong gust of wind can cause a tree to blow over, causing damage to the bark and roots. You can prepare young trees for winter using tree guards or a homemade wire mesh, protecting them from insects, parasites and harsh winds.

Take Cure of Your Turf

Why spend all of your summer maintaining a beautiful lawn, for winter to come along and destroy your turf? Stop winter in its tracks and invest in a turf mat!

Turf mats are ideal for large grassy areas that are likely to be subject to heavy traffic, such as turfed car parks or walkways. They can be used on existing grass or newly sown lawns and work by allowing the grass to grow through the gaps in the plastic or rubber mesh, while preserving the roots. Voila! No more boggy, squelchy grass!

If you need help maintaining your grounds and premises this winter, give us a call on 01325 353700. We’d be more than happy to help!

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