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Posted in February 2013

Did you know about the great earning potential for a salesperson in the cleaning industry?

At MJF Facilities Management, one of our core values is creating an uplifting and motivating environment for our team to work in, to maximise productivity and minimise staff turnover.

As a forward-thinking company, we are always looking to the future for ways in which we can improve and continue to increase our growing client base.

When a company provides cleaning service as opposed to a tangible product, selling to consumers is a full time job, which needs to be done by an enthusiastic sales representative. Strong selling skills are an absolute must, along with the ability to engage, interact and form good business relationships with potential new clients.

Commission in Cleaning...

What's in it for you? Simple - seal the deal and you'll be rewarded with the commission from that sale. It's a win-win situation for both you and the company.

Sales representatives in the cleaning industry can receive various types of commission pay, varying from basic pay plus commission, straight commission, variable commission or residual commission.

Different companies adopt different commission structures, depending on overall performance goals of their business. This allows them to calculate how salespersons can get rewarded for the new business and revenue they generate.

A Few Top Tips...

The benefits of our various cleaning solutions form an endless list, so relaying these advantages to potential clients is essential. A salesperson must have a clear understanding of what makes the service they're selling desirable as well as unique – is it cost-effective? Is it time-saving? Is it environmentally friendly?

People buy from people they know, like and trust. A salesperson working within the cleaning industry needs to have a constant focus on the customer's wants and needs and always provide a solution for any queries – no window is too high, no carpet is too grubby!

If you manage to land yourself the job, a good company will provide good direction, regular goals and targets, an essential sales plan and a competitive salary with room for a fantastic bonus if you manage to convert the sale.


Here at MJF Facilities Management, we have a broad range of testimonials and case studies showcasing our many satisfied customers, but we are constantly looking to the future to sink our teeth into more new and exciting work with top clients across the UK. A dedicated, hardworking salesperson should help us achieve just this.

Do you think you've got all the makings of a great salesperson in the cleaning industry? If so, please get in touch here.

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