Office of Horrors - Germs Lurking Around Every Corner

Posted on 23rd October 2015

Creepy looking trick or treaters aren’t the only things you need to worry about this Halloween. Oh no, we’re talking about something much more sinister. We’re talking about the almighty office bug! So if you notice that office numbers are a bit low during season changes, don’t panic! Your colleagues haven’t been abducted by aliens or masked Halloweeners, they’re probably just a bit under the weather.

Is your office making you ill?

Persevering with your snotty nose and tickly cough might be admirable, but did you know that you could be making matters worse? According to Forbes, your keyboard, tablet and smartphone can accumulate up to three times more bacteria than a toilet seat! That’s quite a scary figure when we think about the time that we spend at our desks every single day. So when we’re coughing and spluttering, we’re multiplying that amount of bacteria, and increasing the risks of spreading it around the office.

Where are these germs hiding?

These sneaky microscopic creatures hide out in just about every nook, cranny and crevice you can think of, and they don’t just stay there! Germs can be transferred onto almost any surface. From keyboards, to telephones, door handles and even kitchen appliances. Flu viruses can survive up to 24 hours on hard surfaces, so beware!

Prevention is better than the cure!

Full of flu? If you can work from home then that’s a bonus, but if not grab a Lemsip and a hot water bottle, and put your feet up. You might think you’re making a good impression by turning in to work, but you could end up with a disgruntled boss when you spread your germs to the rest of the team! If you can’t stay at home to nurse your flu, then here’s a few tips for keeping the bugs at bay. These may be blatant to some people, but being generally hygienic can go a long way!

Know where the germs live and exterminate them

Think of it this way, germs go where you go, and everyone else for that matter! Bugs, bacteria and other miniscule nasties tend to build up in communal areas; especially in kitchens. You wouldn’t dream of eating your dinner from a toilet seat, but did you know that some kitchen appliances get dirtier than a toilet? Once you work out the primary hang out spots for germs, you can get to work on killing them. We’re talking about domestos, disinfectant and antibacterial wipes.

Catch it and kill it!

The flu virus can only survive up to 15 minutes on a tissue, so by sneezing or coughing into a tissue instead of your hands, you are reducing the risk of spreading your germs. Throw your tissue straight in the bin and nobody gets hurt! Still worried about spreading bacteria? Lather your hands in antibacterial hand sanitizer.

Eliminate dust

Invest in a feather duster or dust cloth to get rid of any bugs that are hiding in the shadows and the places we can’t see. Dust can aggravate respiratory conditions such as Asthma. People that suffer with these conditions are more susceptible to catching common colds and the flu virus, so keeping dust levels to a minimum is important.

Does your office need a clean? Get in touch with our team to find out how we can help you! Give us a call on 01325 353700.

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