Four Star Accreditation for MJF Site Services

Posted on 5th August 2015

MJF Site Services are excited to announce they have got a four star rating from the Achilles BuildingConfidence Audit – these are announced annually but the work goes on behind the scenes on a daily basis to make sure that the company is reaching the very testing targets that must be met to get the coveted award. This is the first year MJF have been awarded four stars and it follows a year of intense work, scrutinising every part of the business policies and procedures to make sure that the zero non-compliance level could be met.

The Achilles Auditor is a scrupulous collector of data and it is essential that everything in a business is perfect to reach their high standards. The audit is face to face and it assesses capability, competence and compliance across everything we do. The pre-qualification questionnaire was testing too – there were very in-depth questions to answer about all aspects of our work and these included business improvement and risk reduction policies relating to the key supply chain management systems. We had to answer questions on quality, environmental issues, health, sustainability and corporate social responsibility, general safety and also carbon management. The review checks that we’re not all talk – our adherence to our policies on a day to day basis is also assessed and as a business we are delighted to have the accreditation, as it gives us seriously enhanced credibility, demonstrating as it does our high level of compliance and improvement against the very highest standard of excellence.

MJF Site Services are very proud to be given four stars, of course, but it’s great news for our clients too, because they can use our services with more confidence still now that we have proof of how great we are! The Achilles BuildingConfidence award is specifically designed to meet the increasingly demanding legislative and risk management needs of the construction industry and so having the award shows clients they will be dealing with only the best. This helps them manage risk, reduce costs and gives them that most precious commodity – peace of mind. Achilles accreditation is based on the auditor’s findings and is categorised in various levels from A1 (serious non-compliance) to A3 (minor). To get the stars, the company got a zero non-compliance score, which is not as easy as it sounds! Stars are awarded on a graduated scale from zero to four. Zero is a wake-up call to anyone being given that rating, because it means there have been ten or more A3 findings. After that, stars are awarded depending on the non-compliance number and level. There is a five star rating and we are going all out to get it next year – it is only awarded to those rare companies that manage to get two or more consecutive years at the four star level. Watch this space! We don’t intend to rest on our laurels – Achilles accreditation is all about continued improvement, so as far as we are concerned, the sky’s the limit!

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